"Evergreen Unchanged" Top Ten PCB Design Gold Law


(1) Select the correct grid -setting and always use the grid spacing that can match the most components. Although multiple grids seem to be significant, if the engineer can think more in the initial stage of the PCB layout design, it can avoid encountering problems when setting at the interval and can apply the circuit board to the maximum. Because many devices use a variety of packaging size, engineers should use the products that are most conducive to their own design. In addition, the polygon is important for the circuit board to apply copper. The multi -grid circuit board generally produces polygon fill deviations when performing polygonal copper. Although it is not as standard based on a single grid, it can provide the service life of the circuit board required beyond the required circuit board's service life. Essence

 (2) Keep the path the shortest and most direct. This sounds simple and unusual, but at each stage, even if it means to change the layout of the circuit board to optimize the wiring length, you should always keep in mind. This is also particularly suitable for the simulation and high -speed digital circuits that are always limited by the system performance that are always limited by impedance and parasitic effects.


     (3) The distribution of power cords and ground wires can be used as much as possible. Power layer copper is a faster and simpler choice for most PCB design software. By sharing a large number of wires, it can ensure the providing current with the highest efficiency and minimum impedance or voltage drop, while providing sufficient ground return paths. If possible, you can also run multiple power supply lines in the same area of the circuit board to confirm whether the sector covers most of the PCB layer.


     (4) Grouping related elements with the test points required. For example: Place the separated components required for the OPAMP computing amplifier in a closer part of the device so that bypass capacitors and resistors can collaborate with them, thereby helping the wiring length mentioned by the Optimization Rules II. It becomes easier.


     (5) Repeat the required circuit board on another larger circuit board for multiple PCB versions. Choosing the size that is most suitable for the equipment used by the manufacturer is conducive to reducing prototype design and manufacturing costs. First of all, the circuit board layout on the panel, contact the circuit board manufacturer to obtain the size specifications of each of their panels, then modify your design specifications, and try to repeat your design repeatedly in these panel size.

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